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Alabama VA Replaces Mobile Health Units With Telehealth Centers

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Article Author: Eric Wicklund

Source: mHealth Intelligence

The Department of Veterans Affairs is replacing mobile health units in Alabama with dedicated telehealth centers in an effort to improve access to healthcare for veterans.

The VA has recently opened telehealth centers at Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital in Demopolis and at the North Mississippi Medical Center in Hamilton. Both are in response to an increase in the number of veterans living in the counties served by those hospitals.

The connected care programs are part of a larger effort by the VA to improve access to healthcare for veterans, no matter where they’re located. This outreach includes an mHealth app platform and the ‘Anywhere to Anywhere’ program, which enables VA-sanctioned healthcare providers to connect with veterans anywhere through telehealth for treatment.

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VA Finalizes ‘Anywhere to Anywhere’ Telehealth Program For Vets

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Article Author: Erick Wicklund

Source: mHealth Intelligence

A national telehealth program to connect veterans and healthcare providers no matter where either is located is set to become official.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has posted former Secretary David Shulkin’s ambitious connected care initiative in the Federal Register, finalizing a plan to improve access to healthcare for veterans who have difficulties visiting the VA’s estimated 900 hospitals and clinics around the country. The rule enables VA practitioners to use telehealth to connect with veterans in any state, effectively bypassing state licensure laws.

“This final rulemaking clarifies that VA healthcare providers may exercise their authority to provide health care through the use of telehealth, notwithstanding any State laws, rules, licensure, registration, or certification requirements to the contrary,” the rule, dated May 8, states. “In so doing, VA is exercising Federal preemption of conflicting State laws relating to the practice of healthcare providers; laws, rules, regulations, or other requirements are preempted to the extent such State laws conflict with the ability of VA health care providers to engage in the practice of telehealth while acting within the scope of their VA employment.”

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Becoming a Telehealth Patient Site for the VA: One step on the Path to Sustainability

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