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North Dakota Advances Bill that Allows for Valid Relationship Over Store-and-Forward Telemedicine

By | Center for Connected Health Policy

Original Source: Center for Connected Health Policy

In North Dakota’s SB 2094, which was introduced in early January and amended in the Senate Human Services Committee later that month, has been gaining some attention in telehealth circles due to some of its more unique characteristics; largely because it allows a valid relationship between a licensee and a patient to be established over telemedicine.  Alone this is not unique, as it is relatively common for states to allow a licensee-patient relationship to be established via live video telemedicine (CCHP has identified at least 28 states with this explicit allowance).  However, the legislation specifies that the examination can take place either via video conferencing or “store-and-forward technology for appropriate diagnostic testing and use of peripherals.”  It goes on to specify that in certain types of telemedicine utilizing asynchronous store-and-forward technology or electronic monitoring, such as teleradiology or intensive care unit monitoring, it is not necessary to conduct an independent exam of the patient.  This allowance for store-and-forward to be used in establishing a valid relationship is rare.
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