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Federal Bill Aims to Expand Medicare Reimbursement for Mental Health Telehealth Services

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In late December 2018 US Senator Kamala Harris’ office announced through a press release that she would be introducing two bills aimed at increasing access to mental health services, one of which would expand Medicare reimbursement for mental health services provided through telemedicine.  The bill, introduced in the 115th Congress (2017-2018 Legislative Session) as S. 3797 and is titled the “Mental Health Telemedicine Expansion Act”, would define mental health telehealth services as those covered by CPT codes 90834 and 90837, both of which describe individual psychotherapy. These services are already covered by Medicare when delivered via live video, but are currently subject to Medicare’s originating site and geographic restrictions.
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Congress Continues Fighting Opioid Epidemic Through the Introduction of the Mental Health Telemedicine Expansion Act

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Original Source: Center for Connected Health Policy

Congress continues with legislation designed to combat the national opioid epidemic with the introduction of H.R. 6781, the Mental Health Telemedicine Expansion Act, sponsored by Rep. Suzan DelBane (D-WA). The bill was introduced mid-September, almost a week prior to the Senate passing of the comprehensive opioid package, H.R. 6. H.R. 6781 would amend the Social Security Act by removing Medicare originating site location requirements for mental health telehealth services. These requirements restrict telehealth originating sites to areas designated as rural health professional shortage areas, counties that are not included in a Metropolitan Statistical Area, and entities that participate in a Federal telemedicine demonstration project.
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National TRC Webinar – Behavioral Assessment and Intervention via Telehealth for Children with Autism and Related Disorders

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Telehealth service delivery allows for increase access to care and minimizing disparities in delivering behavior analytic assessment and intervention to children diagnosed with ASD and related disorders with challenging behaviors. In this webinar, we will discuss clinic-to-clinic and clinic-to-home pilot projects currently being carried out at Seattle Children’s Autism Center in which this specialty service has been effectively delivered through telehealth. We will discuss how we translated behavior analytic telehealth research into a systematic and sustainable telehealth service delivery model in a hospital setting. In addition, pitfalls and recommendations for practice for providers will be discussed.

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California Mulls Guidelines for School Telemental Health Programs

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Article Author: Eric Wicklund

Source: mHealth Intelligence

California lawmakers are pushing a bill to develop a statewide policy for telehealth and telemedicine that will give students remote access to mental health services.

AB 2315, which is now headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, calls on the California Department of Education and Department of Health Care Services to develop connected care guidelines within two years for the state’s public schools, including charter schools.

The bill passed unanimously in both the Senate and State Assembly.

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Telebehavioral Health Strategies for Rural Hospitals & Clinics

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This session will outline the basic conceptual and regulatory framework surrounding the provision of behavioral health services via live interactive video, and will present several models for integrating telebehavioral health into primary care and hospital services. These models include both clinical and sustainability aspects. Major points of value, as well as common challenges faced by organizations in implementing these programs, will be addressed.

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Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center

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At gpTRAC, we have a four-part mission: build telehealth awareness, promote education, provide individualized consultation, and provide data specific to telehealth services in our region. We promote healthcare services that take advantage of modern telecommunications technologies such as interactive videoconferencing, secure Internet transactions, and home health monitoring.

While we focus on solving healthcare delivery problems for rural providers and their patients, we work with clinics of all sizes and locations to help solve problems of access to and quality of care using telehealth applications. We can also help health organizations navigate other challenging areas in telehealth, including legal concerns, regulatory issues, appropriate technology, the implementation process, and financial issues.

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gpTRAC Staff

Jonathan Neufeld, Ph.D
Program Director

Jonathan Neufeld, PhD, is Program Director of the Great Plains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center. Dr. Neufeld joined gpTRAC in February of 2017, having previously served as the Clinical Director of the Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center in Indianapolis. He has consulted on a wide range of projects related to rural health and telehealth over the past 15 years. He has presented at numerous regional and national conferences and published peer-reviewed articles in the fields of telemedicine, clinical decision support, mental health services evaluation, and clinical outcomes.

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3 Perspectives on Telepsychiatry; Adult, Pediatric, and Direct-to-Consumer

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