COVID-19 Telehealth Toolkit

COVID-19 Telehealth Toolkit

A special document released to assist organizations implement telehealth during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Resource Documents

Annual Report 2019

A report on our 2019 year of service.

Annual Report 2018

A report on our 2018 year of service.

How Patients Can Engage Telehealth

This fact sheet encourages patients to engage telehealth.

The Nation’s Experts on Telehealth

Learn more about the Telehealth Resource Centers, the nation’s leading telehealth experts, in this fact sheet.

thumbnail of Framing Telehealth (Sept. 2018)

Framing Telehealth

There are various ways to interpret telehealth. This fact sheet will help shape your perspective.

15 Step Business Model

15 key steps for creating a business proposal to implement telemedicine.

Telehealth Policy Issues

Telehealth Policy Issues

Existing policy barriers on both federal and state levels contribute to the limited use of telehealth.

Funding Sources for Telehealth

Funding Sources for Telehealth

Federal agencies invest millions of dollars each year to support better access to quality health care.

thumbnail of Reimbursement FS – FEBRUARY 2018

Telehealth Reimbursement

Reimbursement for telehealth is complicated. Policies vary be state and payer.

thumbnail of Telehealth 101

Telehealth 101

Telehealth 101 provides basics and fundamental information you’ll need to know for initiating a telehealth program.

HIPAA and Telehealth

HIPAA and Telehealth

A stepwise guide to compliance.

NCTRC Contact Sheet

Telehealth Resource Centers provide free resources for telehealth program development and sustainability.

thumbnail of mHealth and the FDA

mHealth & The FDA

This factsheet by the NCTRC explains the FDA’s ruling on regulated medical devices and more.

thumbnail of Virtual Healthcare Final

Virtual Healthcare

Quality, cost effective care and education delivered via technological devices.

NCTRC Brochure

The National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers (NCTRC) is here to ensure telehealth programs are up and running.