Finding the best marketing strategies for your program

Marketing, promotion, education and informational opportunities are endless. With your marketing goals, list of customer groups, identified value to these groups, concerns and barriers, you will be able identify the best strategy for your various customer groups.

Outreach Methods to consider include:

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Demonstrations
  • Press Releases
  • Information videos
  • Strong web sites
  • Webcasts aimed at different audiences
  • Local news media outlets
  • Advertisements
  • Speaking engagements
  • Newsletters

Other means to have your program spotlighted include:

  • Endorsements from respected thought leaders
  • Human interest stories
  • Spotlight the flexibility of the technology
  • Point out the benefits to patients, insurers, and families.

Telehealth programs around the country have saved lives and helped thousands of people. These stories are compelling to customer groups. Show how your program will provide these same life-saving benefits to your community.

Be sure to tie your marketing activities to your implementation schedule. For example, if local provider support for your program will enhance success, make sure you are working with that group prior to kick-off. Below is a simple template for organizing your thoughts around your marketing strategies. It is critical that the strategies selected are designed to reach specific target audiences.

Selecting an outlet for your information is as important as selecting the information to share. Check with sources in your target area to see where your target audience gets their information. It wouldn’t, for instance, be effective for a symphony orchestra to advertise on a country music radio station.

Avoid the trap, too, of choosing an outlet because ‘we read it.’ Often times people who are doing marketing have very different media of choice and to go where ‘we’ like to go may sooth the marketer’s egos, but miss entire target markets.
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Marketing Strategy Worksheet

Customer Group Marketing Objectives Selected Strategies