CCHP Releases CMS Medicare Telehealth Information Resource Compilation

Original Source: Center for Connected Health Policy


The Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) has gathered telehealth related information and guidance issued by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and combined the materials into a single resource compilation. Medicare telehealth policy is generally detailed in the Medicare Learning Network (MLN)’s Booklet on Telehealth Services issued at the beginning of each year. However, occasionally questions are raised regarding telehealth reimbursement that are not addressed in the Booklet, or CMS issues supplemental MLN documents, Medicare manual sections or Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) documents to address specific topic areas that require specialized direction (such as FQHC/RHC billing). The purpose of CCHP’s compilation is to consolidate all of this information into one reference resource.

CMS often responds to questions emailed to them about their telehealth policy through an official letter sent directly to the entity/person that raised the question. CCHP has gathered the letters that address telehealth-specific questions submitted to CMS by staff from the fourteen Telehealth Resource Centers in this Compilation. The general topic areas included in the compilation comprise questions around advanced beneficiary notice (ABN), and when it is required; the CMS-1500 Billing Form and what address to use in certain areas of the form; and questions about when certain codes are billable given specific circumstances and models of care. A simplified FAQ summarizing the content of the letters has been provided in the document as a quick reference, followed by the actual letters.

Besides the Telehealth Booklet and letters mentioned above, Medicare also has issued a number of additional MLN and Manual guidance to address specific topics not covered in the general Telehealth booklet, such as how federally qualified health centers and rural health centers should bill for telehealth services. Also, because communication technology based services and chronic care management does not fall under the definition of telehealth in Medicare, there are also separate guidance documents on these topics as well, which are included in CCHP’s compilation. A link to Medicare’s telehealth geographic analyzer is also included. This is a tool that allows users to input an address to determine if a particular site qualifies under Medicare’s rural requirement (either a non-Metropolitan Statistical Area or rural Health Professional Shortage Area) for telehealth reimbursement.

For more information, download CCHP’s full compilation of CMS telehealth resources, and if you are a recipient of one of the telehealth-related letters described above, please feel free to forward it  to CCHP who will include it in future versions of this resource.  Email your letters to [email protected]